Silkroad Experience 2021

Lişboa - Balck - Macau

لشبونة - بلخ - ماكاو

Лиссабо́н - Балх - Мака́о

里斯本  - 巴爾赫 - 澳門

Lisbon - Balkh - Macao 

A cab ride.

A European chauffeur learning Chinese from a passenger, together
discovering snacks, music and stories on their way,
producing videoblogs, realitysoap, e-learning and gastro-checks,
following hints from social media users around the world,
finding solutions for all twists of the journey. Together.

A colourful European-Asian road-movie/documentary.

Silkroad Tour 2021 - click for bigger picture

The path is the goal:
New silkroads for a future of sustainability and peace.


путь на восток

السفر إلى الشرق

journey to the east

frame story

Mrs. Wang had to fly to Lisbon to produce a feature for Lotus TV Macao (e.g.) about fado singer Cuca Roseta.

As part of a bet, and because she's been tired of her successful life for a long time, she decides to travel home not by plane, but by taxi, earning money on the road by producing videos about food, accomodations, music, special places and everyday stories. The bet is: Will she make more money on the road than she has to spend to make her dream come true: to see the birthplace of Rumi in Balkh, Afghanistan. And to spend some weeks doing just what she wants to do.

The first cab that comes along is hired and the driver agrees without hesitation: „Macao? Let's roll!“ - Fees and expenses? Mrs. Wang is well equipped with a powerful deck of cards. First some equipment has to be bought: A cam drone, a sat-antenna to be able to go online wherever the journey might lead, good mobiles, bikes and laptops to turn the cab into a rolling production unit.

day on board

05 42 alarm-clock
07 00 breakfast & meeting
08 00 check-out
08 30 daily drive, producing on the road:
learning chinese, reading literature, taxi-story etc.
12 30 check-in & lunch: location-check
14 00 break / capoeira (mostly private)
16 00 local reportage / interview
18 00 tea-time & meeting
19 00 + cultural events / dinners (reporting, testing, meeting..)


- good mobiles
- bikes
- outfits & shoes

- voice control special effect („ozzy“ being like „alexa“ etc.)
- taxi-sign with special effects
- cam-drone starting from roof
- sat-internet
- steering drone and editing video from inside the car
- back of car: specially designed interior („oriental magic“)
- fix cams inside and outside (wifi). Suggested:

- both travellers: center/front-left/front-right/from behind
- rear („desk“): various, e.g.: close-up drone-steering device
- panorama view: front window / rear window from insinde
- opt: rear view mirrors etc. (effects)

close to the road: driver side (opt. co-driver side / exhaust)
drone platform: starting & landing (close-up)
panorama: front / back / left / right (street-view gear?)

schedule (due to changes!)

0 Gmünd-Lisboa 2642km/28h/7d,+2d reserve: rehearsals  starting latest 2021-03-12

1] 4200km/42h/11d: Lisboa-Regensburg starting 2021-03-21 [Nouruz!]

2] 3000km/34h/9d: Regensburg-Piräus starting earliest 2021-04-01 

3] 3d
sea/pit-stop: Piräus - Canakkale – Istanbul

[! Ramadan 12/13.4. – 11./13.5.2021 !]
4] 2300kmh/29h/8d: Istanbul-Jerusalem starting earliest 2021-04-13

5] 5200km/55h/14d: Jerusalem-Teheran starting earliest 2021-04-21

[! 1.5. international holiday !]
6] 2100km/26h/7d: Teheran-Baku starting earliest 2021-05-05

7] 4d
sea/pit-stop: Baku – Turkmenbasi

8] 3700km/48h/12d: Turkmenbasi-Horgos starting earliest 2021-05-16 

9] 7500km/84h/21d: Korgas-Zhuhai (Macao) start earl. 2021-05-28  ending earl. 2021-06-18

pre-schedule, suggesting 4h/d street:
27900km → 318h → 82d street
+ 7d sea/pit stop (every ca. 10000)
+ 9d rehearsal (GD-Lisboa)
98d (+ concert days, byways.. ???)

after this journey:
- sell car? (auction?)
- journey home? (-> Russia? / railway / ship?)
- travel on? (-> Macau, Brazil?)


Dove by Picasso on hood